Market Signals

The Market signals net widget helps screen the currency exchange market with real-time signals of gigantic changes in foreign money prices. The alerts are aimed at most important technical trading signals and are produced by means of five forms of triggers:

• “Sharp move” will get prompt if a foreign money price’s alternate exceeds a exact pip quantity within a time frame from 10 seconds to 5 minutes,

• “Intraday level” reacts to a foreign money pair achieving a brand new intraday high or low,

• “excessive/Low” sends an alert when an trade price reaches its perfect or lowest stage for the past day, week, month, quarter, 1/2-year, or year,

• “Support/Resistance” Reacts to a foreign money pair passing certainly one of three support or three resistance phases established at the establishing of the day.,

• “Determine stage” will get activate when an trade expense reaches a price that's multiple of 100 pips, therefore touching a numerically round stage.

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