Dividend Adjustment Calendar

The Dividend Adjustment Calendar is a web widget that lists the ex-dividend dates and adjustment amounts for index and stock CFDs.

Dividend adjustments are utilized to positions in index and inventory CFDs when the underlying organization makes dividend repayments to its shareholders. A position is suffering from such an adjustment if it passes the respective ex-dividend date – that's, if it remains open on the agreement time of the trading day previous to the ex-dividend date.

For long (purchase) positions the dividend adjustment is credited on the related buying and selling account, however for brief (sell) positions – written off from the account. The amount credited to the holders of the lengthy positions is decreased by using the tax price set by means of the nation of the index or inventory.

The widget indicates the adjustment amounts within the quote foreign money of the corresponding CFD instrument paid (lengthy) or charged (short) per one contract. The calendar entails each upcoming and prior data. The longer term dividend adjustments released as much as one week prior to the ex-dividend date are forecasts and may be field to vary.

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